Online consumer services

Advice for consumers

On this website you will find information that may help you in resolving consumer issues. We have created complaint forms for use in filing complaints. Please also check the latest information bulletins to see whether there is anything there that might be pertinent to your issue.
Assistance in consumer issues

Instructions for businesses

General information related to consumer rights issues can be obtained from the consumer rights advisors at Finnish Register Offices and from the Competition and Consumer Authority.
Advice for businesses

Report improper marketing or unfair terms of agreement

These reports are filed in the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority’s database and are used in the supervisory work of the Consumer Ombudsman. Individual responses are not sent to the reports.
Duties of the Consumer Ombudsman

Submit a report

Financial and debt advice

Sometimes money matters can be difficult to cope with. In these cases, advice can be obtained from external experts. Finland’s municipal councils employ financial and debt advisors, who can be contacted free of charge.
Financial and debt advice

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