Our website and data protection description

The website is the responsibility of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (FCCA). The aim is to keep the content as up-to-date as possible and to correct any mistakes encountered without delay.

The information on the website constitutes advice of a general nature. With their help, citizens are able to gain a preliminary understanding their own rights and, for example, to receive support for negotiations concerning individual disputes. However, information available on the site is not applicable to each individual case, and conclusions regarding one's own case should not be drawn based on it alone. If required, more detailed advice is provided by the Consumer Advisor.

Handling of personal data

No personal data is collected on the users of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority website. Cookies are used only for the purpose of monitoring visitor traffic on the site. Statistics on topics such as the number of page requests and the number of visitors, the average number of pages downloaded, the average time spent on our site and the most popular pages are obtained via Google Analytics.

You have the right to review information about yourself and to require us to rectify erroneous information and otherwise invoke your rights guaranteed by the Personal Data Act.

Descriptions of files as defined in the Personal Data Act are maintained at the registry of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority, where they can be reviewed.


Copyright of the material published at the www.kkv.fi service belongs to the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority, unless stated otherwise. The FCCA logo may not be used without permission. The text material on the site may be used and links to the site may be created freely, provided that the source is cited.

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority is not responsible for the content and lawfulness of websites links to which are provided in its site.

The copyright for photos, other image material and maps is held by the photographers, the creators of the images or the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority. Use of any such material must always be agreed on with FCCA.

The data protection descriptions are published in Finnish.

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