The responsibilities of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority relate to implementing competition and consumer policy, ensuring good market performance, implementing competition legislation and EU competition rules, and securing the financial and legal position of the consumer. The agency also handles the supervision responsibilities of the Consumer Ombudsman.

The responsibilities of the FCCA include:

  • create proposals and initiatives in order to promote competition, remove regulations and rules that eliminate competition and develop consumer policies and consumer protection
  • follow and assess the competitive environment and developments that affect the consumers’ position and plan rules and regulations associated with business and to provide statements on issues that may have an impact on competition and consumer policies
  • handle the responsibilities mandated in the Competition Act for the agency and to supervise that the decisions made based on the Competition Act are adhered to
  • participate in international co-operation with issues pertaining to competition affairs and consumer policies and to be responsible for the international functions and obligations of the agency
  • supervise package tour businesses' securities and maintain a registry of the package tour companies in Finland
  • promote and implement consumer advocacy and education
  • conduct research, studies and comparisons in its area of responsibility and carry out publishing and communication activities in it
  • guide and educate Regional State Administrative Agencies, financial and credit advisory services and consumer advisory services for Local Register Offices.
  • Tasks related to the Services Directive

In Finland, the European Consumer Centre Finland (ECC Finland) is part of the FCCA and they advice consumers in matters related to foreign enterprises and provides arbitration assistance in dispute situations that consumers have with an enterprise established in another EU Member State, Norway or Iceland.

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