Duties of consumer advisors

Consumer advisors

  • Assist and mediate in disputes between consumers and businesses
  • Provide consumers and businesses with information on consumers’ rights and responsibilities
  • Advise on matters related to property and real estate sales

Consumer advisors work at local Register Offices and report to the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority.

Matters not handled by consumer advisors

  • Disputes related to transactions between private individuals
  • Disputes between businesses
  • Disputes between housing companies and residents
  • Transactions related to financial instruments and shares
  • Matters related to state or municipal services

Transactions between private individuals

Transactions between two private individuals are not covered by the Consumer Protection Act, so the buyer cannot consult consumer advisors or complain to the Consumer Disputes Board. The exceptions to this rule are disputes related to property and real estate sales and rentals. Sales and purchases conducted between private individuals in Finland are subject to the Sale of Goods Act, which defines what is meant by defects in products and services. If a dispute cannot be resolved through negotiation, the matter can be referred to a District Court.

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