Making a complaint

1. File a complaint with the company

Start by contacting the company with which you made the purchase agreement. File your complaint as soon as possible after noticing the problem and try to negotiate a suitable compensation.

To make the resolution of possible disputes easier, we recommend that all complaints be filed in writing.

You can use the instructions and The Complaint Assistant or complaint forms found on our website for making your claim.

The Complaint Assistant

The application helps you draw up a written complaint that you can send to the trader. The Complaint Assistant will first ask you for information that can be useful in resolving your issue.  The end product will be a complaint letter, which you can then send to the trader.
The Complaint Assistant

Complaint templates (alternative to the complaint assistant)

Complaint templates assist with submitting a complaint or feedback to a company.

You can fill in the form below (in Word format) and save it on your computer, or print it out and fill it in by hand. Send the form to the company in question as an email attachment or as a letter by post. Forms in PDF format may only be printed out and filled in by hand. Save the form on your computer or print it out and remember to keep a copy of the submitted complaint.

Please choose the right template and send the completed form to the company:

Complaints regarding flights

Complaint regarding products, services and marketing

Complaint to the operator regarding

Complaint to the creditor or collection agency

Complaint to a seller about a defective apartment

2. Contact the consumer advisors

If your complaint to the company is unsuccessful, contact the consumer rights advisors at a Local Register Office. Consumer rights advisors provide free guidance and mediation in disputes. Consumer advisors give guidance in Finnish and Swedish. Therefore persons wishing to consult an advisor in some other language must get an interpreter at their own expense.
Consumer advice

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