FCCA's newsletter

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority publishes a newsletter approximately 4 to 6 times a year, with articles on topical themes related to competition and consumer policy.

Consumer Ombudsman's Newsletter

The Finnish Consumer Ombudsman publishes an online newsletter "Current Issues in Consumer Law" approximately 6 times a year. As a follower, you will be kept up to date on Consumer Ombudsman's statements and rulings, pending legislation projects, and international trends in consumer law.
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European Consumer Centre Finland's Newsletter

The European Consumer Centre Finland's newsletter is published approximately quarterly (4 times a year in Finnish and in English) and it provides practical information on topical themes related to cross-border consumer trade, online shopping and travel in particular. The European Consumer Centre Network operates throughout Europe and assists consumers when they have problems with an enterprise or service provider operating in another EU country, Norway or Iceland.
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