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Defects in single-family houses

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In the Code of Real Estate, great emphasis is placed on the seller's obligation to disclose information concerning th...

Defects and complaints related to an old apartment, and the consequences of defects

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A used apartment has a defect if  it does not correspond to what was agreed  it does not correspond with information...

Part-ownership housing

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Part-ownership housing is a form of housing where the tenant first buys part of the apartment by paying an agreed...

Right-of-occupancy apartments

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A right-of-occupancy apartment is an intermediate form between a rental apartment and an owner-occupied apartment. Th...

A condition inspection

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Condition inspections have quickly become commonplace, particularly in conjunction with real estate transactions. The...

The real estate agent

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The majority of apartments and other real estate are sold with the help of real estate agents. The commissions...

Housing loans

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Most purchases of homes are financed by bank loans. Different banks offer different terms based on the client's...

Selling a single-family house

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When selling a single-family house, the key is to know what you are selling. The law sets a broad disclosure obligati...

Buying an old apartment in a housing company

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When you buy an apartment in a housing company, you don't actually buy the apartment itself, but rather the shares th...

Buying a new apartment in a housing company

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Apartment producers often market the developments they are planning in advance to gauge demand. A prospective buyer w...

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