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The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority’s goals for 2017—2020

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Our operation idea The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority secures that financial competition and consumer...

Submitting a complaint to a collection company about an unjustified invoice

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If you received a collection letter concerning a product you did not order, contact the collection agency. Explain to...

Submit the complaint in writing

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This is how to submit a complaint to a company if you have received a sample pack or ordered a service for a trial...

Check your obligation to pay an invoice

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Check the following typical examples to see whether you are obliged to pay an invoice in respect of goods or services...

Consumer Ombudsman´s theses on improving the position of consumers

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Consumer Ombudsman Päivi Hentunen made public her six theses on improving the position of consumers the 24th of Octob...

Silence won't help – tell us about scams!

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Information from consumers is valuable: the more information authorities receive about different scam methods, and th...

Don't bother replying to messages about unexpected winnings from a lottery or drawing

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An e-mail message tells you that you have won millions of euro in a lottery abroad. It includes a thorough account of...

Check basic information about a service

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In typical online scams, the customer does not receive a product ordered and paid for in advance. The seller in these...

A fake bill looks like a real one

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A fake or fraudulent bill looks legitimate, but actually charges for a service that you have not ordered. Swindlers...

Guard your credit card information on the Internet

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You receive an e-mail message that says you must immediately enter your bank login information for a certain service,...

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