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Defects and complaints related to an old apartment, and the consequences of defects

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A used apartment has a defect if  it does not correspond to what was agreed  it does not correspond with information...

Cancelling a purchase due to delay

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Consumers have the right to cancel a purchase due to a delay, having given the vendor reasonable extra time, within...

Service quality must live up to promises

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A telephone or internet connection is considered defective if its quality fails to live up to what was agreed or does...

Discounts from the price of a car and cancellation of sale

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Discounts are an option if the fault in the car cannot be repaired or the seller company does not exercise the right ...

Discounts and cancellation of sale

Discount If it is impossible to either repair or replace the goods, the company may provide compensation in the form ...

Cancellation of purchase

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Right to return goods Buying a product creates a contractual relationship between the buyer and the vendor which may...

Buying, selling and making contracts

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A contractual relationship arises between a consumer and a company whenever the consumer buys a product or service fr...

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