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The tip of the week: Is a company allowed to send advertisements by email or SMS?

News 13.11.2017

Electronic direct marketing, such as sending advertisements by email or SMS, requires advance permission from the...

Tip of the week: If you are unable to pay a bill by the due date, immediately contact the creditor

News 28.8.2017

If you cannot pay your bill or manage a loan repayment by the due date, immediately contact the creditor to negotiate...

Tip of the week: When shopping online, pay with a credit card or by invoice

News 7.8.2017

Selecting a payment method in an online store affects your consumer rights if something goes wrong. In online stores,...

Tip of the week: Consumers have the right to customer service after a transaction via a base-rate telephone number

News 31.7.2017

Customer service must be offered through a telephone number subject to basic rates for matters related to prior...

Tip of the week: What can be done if a child has made unwanted purchases on mobile and console games?

News 24.7.2017

Without the consent of a guardian, minors may only make ordinary, minor purchases considered typical for children. Th...


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17.7.2017 Tip of the week: Prevent disputes in leased apartment - list and take photographs of the apartment's defects and deficiencies

News 17.7.2017

The tenant and lessor sign a written lease agreement. The agreement should specify at least the following: the term o...

Tip of the week: Inform the lessor immediately about any defects you notice in rental cabin

News 10.7.2017

Advertisements for rental cabins may not always correspond to reality. When you arrive at your rental cabin, begin by...

Tip of the week: Air passenger rights when holiday flight is delayed

News 3.7.2017

The airline has an obligation to provide passengers with care that varies depending on the length of the delay. The E...

Tip of the week: Is it possible to return or exchange a product purchased in a discount sale?

News 26.6.2017

Products sold at a discount are subject to the same regulations as normally priced products. Purchases made in a...

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