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Tip of the week: Cheaper phone calls and Internet use - check the current prices with your operator

News 19.6.2017

Since mid-June, Finnish consumers have enjoyed significantly lower prices of phone calls and Internet use while...

Tip of the week: The seller is liable for defects in a used car also after the warranty period

News 12.6.2017

When you buy a used car from a car dealer or another business, your rights are protected under the Consumer Protectio...

Tip of the week: Never give your banking details or Internet banking log on details over the phone

News 5.6.2017

Although anyone at all can become a victim, older people in particular are at special risk of becoming the targets of...

Tip of the week: Changes in the terrestrial television network this week – channels must be searched again

News 15.5.2017

The broadcast frequencies of the terrestrial television network will change, and pay-TV channels start using a new...

Tip of the week: When booking accommodation online, read the cancellation terms carefully

News 8.5.2017

Travellers should read carefully the booking terms of their accommodation, because the automatic 14-day cancellation...

Tip of the week: When you commission a renovation, you should also make a written contract

News 2.5.2017

In addition to plans, the party ordering a renovation should invest in a written contract. The initial situation shou...

Tip of the week: Before buying a trip, check in the register of package travel agencies that a security has been lodged by the travel agency

News 24.4.2017

You are tempted by an offer, but you waver because it is an unfamiliar travel agency and you would have to pay in...

Tip of the week: How to restrict telemarketing

News 10.4.2017

Are you or your family or friends fed up of marketing calls from salespeople? Would you like to prevent telemarketing...

Tip of the week: To whom I should make a claim about a defect in a used car?

News 3.4.2017

When a used car is bought from a car dealer or another business , the buyer’s rights are protected under the Consumer...

Tip of the Week: If you charged a purchase to your phone bill and you encounter a problem, you can contact your operator

News 20.3.2017

If you have purchased goods or services that have been charged to your phone bill, you can request a refund from the...

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