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Objectives for learning

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Agerange 3-5 To help children explore the purchase procedure and the concept of owning To help children get an idea o...

Personal Finances

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Personal finances are one of the household's material resources. Personal financial status is determined by the...

If you are unable to pay a bill, contact the creditor

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Usually, it is possible to negotiate about different payment plans with the creditors and collection agencies. It is...

Selecting a payment method

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This website contains information about the most common payment methods and the ways in which the selection of a...

Time of paying a bill

Advance payment The bigger the purchase is, the greater the risk for the consumer if he or she pays in advance. It is...

Repaying loan before it becomes due

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You can repay a consumer credit in whole before it becomes due and you can also pay larger-than-agreed instalments....

Returning goods and payments

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Returning goods and the related costs If the consumer cancels the sales contract, the goods must be returned within 1...

Payment methods

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The payee determines the payment methods that can be used for making payments to this payee. However, the options...

Balance your expenses and income

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Pay bills in order of importance Housing: rent, electricity and water Other essentials (food, telephone, day-care,...

Payment, bills and debt collection

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These pages provide advice on how to manage financial matters. Among other things, there is information on how to pla...

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