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Complaining about unjustified bills or receivables

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You can make a complaint to the creditor about unclear or unjustified bills and receivables. You can also demand the...

Examples of accumulation of recovery costs

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Below you will find examples about accumulation of recovery costs for a telephone bill and for a payday loan, in...

Recovery costs and debt collection process

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 If you cannot pay a bill, immediately inform the sender of the bill about the circumstance and start negotiating for...

Receiving an invoice without placing an order and “free” samples, subscription traps

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Have you received a sample pack or have you ordered a service for a trial period and ended up being tied to a longer...

Private parking control

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Cancellation of parking fine A precondition for the issuing of a parking fine by a private parking control company is...

Delayed payment and collection

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The total amount of a bill the payment of which is due and which has not been paid grows constantly because the debto...

Payment, bills and debt collection

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These pages provide advice on how to manage financial matters. Among other things, there is information on how to pla...

Facts and Advice

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