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Amendments to the terms of the subscription contract

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Notifying the consumer of amendments to contract terms The operator shall inform the consumer of any amendments to th...

Methods of compensating for defects in services

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Compensation methods for defects in services include partial payment of the purchase price, rectification of a defect...

Cancellation of credit

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Cancellation of a credit agreement Consumers have the right to cancel a consumer credit agreement within 14 days of...

Credit agreement

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Before entering a credit agreement, a lender must determine the consumer’s credit standing. In order to determine...

Bundled contract

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A tied contract means that the equipment and a fixed term subscription are sold as a package. In a tied contract, you...

Check the terms and conditions of your gym membership agreement before signing it

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Gym membership agreements are often binding and on a fixed-term basis. For this reason, you should carefully examine...

Electricity agreements

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Start by visiting your electricity company's website to see if you can find the information you need. Our website...

Changing the operator and number portability

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You can always keep your telephone number, even if you switch telecom operators.  Despite this number portability, yo...

Duration and termination of a subscription contract

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Fixed-term contract A fixed-term contract remains in force for the period agreed at the time of purchase. Normally,...

Amending the terms and conditions of contract

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Notifying the consumer of amendments to terms and conditions If a company is entitled to amend a contract, it must...

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