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Delays and defects in prefabricated houses

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The sale and purchase of prefabricated houses is governed by the terms of the purchase agreement and the Consumer...

The agency is not responsible for concealed defects in the apartment

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The agent is not liable for e.g. incorrect information on the house manager's certificate, unless the agent had reaso...

Defects and delays in renovation

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If completion of renovation work is significantly delayed, you may claim the compensation for delay or standard...

Compensation for delay at destination is 25–50% of the ticket price

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You can demand compensation when the ship arrives to its destination late. The amount of compensation is 25–50% of th...

Cancellation or delay of the trip

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If departure from the harbour is late more than 90 minutes or is cancelled, 1. You can demand that the shipping compa...

If you want to cancel a trip

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The terms and conditions on cancellation vary by shipping company, so contact the shipping company as soon as possibl...

The rights of a ship passenger in situations of delay or cancellation

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These pages contain instructions on what to do when your ship voyage is delayed or cancelled and information on...

If you are denied boarding you are entitled to standard compensation and can choose a later flight or a refund

When the number of passengers exceeds the number of seats on a flight, the airline must first call for volunteers to...

Provision of care can be claimed for a flight delay and standard compensation for a long delay

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Provision of care can be claimed in the event of a flight delay and standard compensation in the event of a long dela...

File a complaint

1. Filing a complaint to an airline representative In the event of a problem, first contact the airline to ensure tha...

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