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Service quality must live up to promises

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A telephone or internet connection is considered defective if its quality fails to live up to what was agreed or does...

Methods of compensating for defects in services

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Compensation methods for defects in services include partial payment of the purchase price, rectification of a defect...

Car servicing and defects in repairs

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The consumer may choose the location used for regular maintenance The consumer may choose the location of regular...

Compensation for damage

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The consumer is also entitled to compensation for damage caused by any defect in the car. No compensation is given fo...

Discounts from the price of a car and cancellation of sale

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Discounts are an option if the fault in the car cannot be repaired or the seller company does not exercise the right ...

Repair of a car or replacement with a defect-free one

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In the case of the sale of a car, the primary method for fixing a defect or fault is repair. The vendor has the right...

A defect in a used car

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As a general rule, the vendor is responsible for any defect in a used car if  the car does not conform with the...

Defect in a new car

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The vendor bears primary responsibility for any defect in a new car The company that sold the car bears primary...

What to do in a dispute: if the vendor denies responsibility

 If a consumer has filed a complaint with a company but the vendor denies the claim concerning the defect and refuses...

Compensation for damages in purchases of goods

Liability for compensation Consumers are also entitled to compensation for damages caused by a defect in goods...

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