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Delays and defects in prefabricated houses

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The sale and purchase of prefabricated houses is governed by the terms of the purchase agreement and the Consumer...

Defects and complaints in residential care housing

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The method of organising the service determines who complaints are directed to. The nature of the agreement determine...

The inspector is liable to the party that commissions the inspection

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The inspector's liability is determined by the service regulations in the Consumer Protection Act whenever the...

The agency is not responsible for concealed defects in the apartment

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The agent is not liable for e.g. incorrect information on the house manager's certificate, unless the agent had reaso...

Defects in single-family houses

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In the Code of Real Estate, great emphasis is placed on the seller's obligation to disclose information concerning th...

Defects and complaints related to an old apartment, and the consequences of defects

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A used apartment has a defect if  it does not correspond to what was agreed  it does not correspond with information...

Defects in new apartments

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An apartment purchased as new is considered defective if it does not meet the terms of the agreement it does not meet...

Defects and delays in renovation

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If completion of renovation work is significantly delayed, you may claim the compensation for delay or standard...

Defects related to housing and real estate transactions

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Information and instructions regarding errors and defects related to housing transactions are compiled on this websit...

File a complaint

1. Filing a complaint to an airline representative In the event of a problem, first contact the airline to ensure tha...

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