Vigilance is advised when buying a television set

Before buying a new television consumers should carefully consider what they want and what they need. Decisive factors include whether or not one plans to watch pay-TV channels and internet TV services in the future. A number of helpers and guides are available to make the choice easier.

In 2017 a shift in broadcast technology to high-definition, or HD in the antenna network will begin. The shift will be implemented in phases, and it will first apply to pay-TV services in the antenna network. Last to be affected will be the channels of the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE and other channels that are available for no additional fee, which now include MTV3, Nelonen, and Fox.

In order to watch all ordinary and high-definition programmes in the future, households using the terrestrial antenna network will need to have a television set or digital decoder with the label “Antenna Ready HD”. If the intention is also to watch paid subscription channels, the television will also need to have a slot for a programme card of a pay-TV operator.

The change in broadcast technology of the antenna network does not affect cable television broadcasts. However, in households with cable TV service, watching HD broadcasts will require a television set or digital decoder with the label “Cable Ready HD”.

When acquiring a television it is also important to ascertain if it is possible to watch internet TV services on it. The fact that it is possible to surf the internet with some televisions does not guarantee that it can also be used for all possible services available.

The buyer should also make note of the number of connections to make sure that the set can be connected to a home theatre or other accessories, if necessary.

It is the responsibility of the seller to give the customer clear, comprehensive, and up-to-date information on the characteristics of the devices and their possible limitations affecting the availability of television services. Buyers should nevertheless acquaint themselves in advance with helpers and guides for selecting television sets and pay-TV services. Additional information on HD devices, pay-TV viewing, and markings on the television set are available on the following sites. (in finnish)
A new network tool that offers guidance to i.a. consumers and appliance retailers on the versatile world of television services. The web pages include information on questions such as what kinds of television sets can be used for getting free and paid HD content in the future as well.

HDTV guide (in finnish and swedish)
The aim of the HDTV guide is to share important non-commercial information on high-definition broadcasts with Finns. (in finnish)
The page contains all tested televisions and digital decoders both for cable and antenna networks.