Buying a second hand car

The age, price and milage of a second hand car define the condition in which you can expect it to be. You can reduce the risks of your purchase by inspecting the car carefully before the purchase the car dealership is liable for faults regarded as defects in the car, either under the Consumer Protection Act or the dealership’s warranty. 

Before buying a second hand car

Buying a second hand car includes certain risks. Cars are very technical and they are exposed to wear and tear when used. The car may be in a worse condition than it looks. The mileage alone does not tell you much about the wear and tear, as the circumstances in which it has been used and the way it has been handled may affect the condition and wear and tear of the car more than the mileage.

You are entitled to trust that the information the vendor provides about the car’s condition. However, you can avoid a lot of trouble if you inspect the car and the information the vendor provides about it carefully before the purchase.

Test drive the car and carry

  • check that the car has the features and accessories that are important for you
  • get background information on the car (for example, service history and previous use: was the car imported by the previous owner, or has it been used as a taxi or rental car)
  • find out if the car has a warranty or other additional protection for defects in addition to the buyer’s statutory protection.

Make a written contract on the sale of a second hand car

You should always have a written contract when you buy a car. The contract defines the car you purchase, its accessories and any trade-in you may have.

Read the contract before you sign it and check that it contains everything you agreed on when the sale was concluded:

  • the car has all the promised accessories on
  • the car has a warranty; the warranty conditions may be included as a separate attachment
  • any issues that the vendor will repair, identified clearly
  • known faults in the car that you will be responsible for
  • price of your trade-in
  • the price and payment terms are as agreed