Rental apartments

Condition of a rental apartment

You have the right to a reasonable reduction in the rent if the flat has defects that affect living in it or it is not in the agreed condition.

Paying the rent and rent raise

The amount of your rent and the payment date it is agreed in the contract of lease. The landlord does not have the right to make a rent raise one-sidedly.

Revoking a contract of lease

The landlord or the tenant has the right to revoke the lease at once for certain reasons.

Security deposit for a rented apartment

When you move into a rented apartment, the landlord will usually ask you to give a security deposit, which equals one to three months’ rent.

Tenant's obligations and liability

You must pay for any damage you have caused intentionally or negligently. You are not responsible for the normal wear and tear of the apartment.

Terminating a lease

A lease that is valid until further notice can be terminated by either the tenant or the landlord, as long as they observe the periods of notice.