Bankruptcy of Anttila: Information on consumer rights

The department store Anttila was declared bankrupt on 19 July 2016.  In situations where a consumer has ordered and paid for but not received a product from a retailer that has been declared bankrupt, the consumer’s chances of getting his or her money back depend on the method of payment used.

If the consumer has paid for the product by credit card, he or she can apply for a refund from the credit card company in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. The same legislation applies to other providers of credit for the purchase of a product. The consumer may also be able to request a refund on debit card payments if the consumer’s bank’s terms and conditions provide for this.

If the consumer has used an online bank or some other advance payment method to pay for an e-commerce order, he or she can monitor the related claim via the bankruptcy proceedings. The consumer should follow the announcements on the bankruptcy and, if necessary, contact the receivers

The consumer can present a claim – for any defects in any goods purchased prior to the bankruptcy of the retailer – to the manufacturer, the­ im­­porter or any other company representing previous stages of the sales process, which will compensate for the defect in accordance with the warranty or the statutory liability for defects, even if the product warranty period has expired. If the product was paid for by credit card or other credit granted to finance its purchase, the consumer can submit a claim to the credit provider.

Instructions for consumers will be modified in accordance with the situation.

Consumers can contact the Consumer Advisory Service if necessary.