Cancellation of a package tour in exceptional circumstances

According to the Package Travel Act, a traveller has the right to cancel a package tour he or she has booked, if there are grounds for believing that, owing to military action, a natural disaster, a strike or a comparable situation at the destination, the travel cannot be realised without putting the life or health of the traveller in jeopardy.

The traveller must notify the travel organiser of such a cancellation without delay. When a package tour has been cancelled due to a situation which can be regarded as force majeure, the organiser must refund the customer for the price of the journey and any other fees paid to the organiser.

In principle, a recommendation by the public authorities to avoid the destination in question constitutes sufficient grounds for cancelling a journey to which the general package tour terms and conditions apply.

Information on the security situation of various destinations is available from travel announcements (only in Finnish) made by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. Please remember to follow announcements by the travel organiser as well.