Consumer authorities have received numerous contacts regarding telesales of the Kouluturvaa magazine

According to the hundreds of complaints received by the Consumer Ombudsman and the Consumer Advisory Service, Suomen KT Kustannus has marketed the Kouluturvaa magazine in a misleading manner over the telephone, and sent the magazine to consumers who do not remember ever agreeing to subscribe to it. The company has not committed to correcting its marketing, despite demands made by the Consumer Ombudsman.

Suomen KT Kustannus has sent the Kouluturva magazine to consumers who have not subscribed to the magazine. Some consumers have been under the impression that they have ordered a single issue or free sample of the magazine, but have received an invoice for a longer subscription period. Based on consumer complaints, it also appears that telemarketers have pressured elderly people into subscribing to the magazine, even when they have not understood what they are subscribing to.

The company has referred to recorded telephone conversations, which indicate that the consumers have agreed to subscribe to the magazine. However, based on the complaints, not all consumers have been given an opportunity to listen to the recording. There have also been difficulties in contacting the company.

The Consumer Ombudsman does not have the authority to directly prohibit the operations of the company. Instead, it should first attempt to put an end to the illegal operations through negotiations. The Consumer Ombudsman has demanded Suomen KT Kustannus to correct its marketing in March and June 2017. However, the company has not changed its operations and the number of complaints has increased even further. The Consumer Ombudsman continues handling the matter with the company.

Consumers, who do not remember agreeing to a subscription mentioned in an invoice sent to them by KT Kustannus, should file a complaint to Suomen KT Kustannus and refrain from paying the contested invoice.