FCCA accepts acquisition of Arjessa Oy by Humana AB

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (FCCA) accepted on 18 May 2016 Humana AB’s acquisition of Arjessa Oy.

Humana Group offers wellbeing and care services, home care services and geriatric care and living services in Sweden and Norway. Arjessa Group offers child welfare, wellbeing and immigrant services in 63 units around Finland. The companies do not have overlapping operations in Finland, and the deal does not change the current market situation. According to the FCCA’s assessment, the acquisition will not significantly impede effective competition, or have any material negative impact on competition.

The FCCA’s decision includes business secrets of the parties involved. The decision can only be published once all confidential information has been removed, which will take approximately two weeks.

Further information: Research Officer Pontus Ranta, tel. +358 29 505 3747