FCCA approves acquisition of Esperi Care Group by ICG

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (FCCA) approved on 8 June 2016 Intermediate Capital Group Plc’s acquisition of Esperi Care Group Oy.

The FCCA estimates that the acquisition will not impede effective competition as the companies do not have overlapping operations in Finland.

Esperi Care Group Oy is the Finnish parent company of a group of companies offering enhanced sheltered housing and medical services for its nursing home and service house customers in Finland.  Intermediate Capital Group Plc (ICG) is an international investment and asset management group whose companies do not offer health care or social welfare services in Finland.

The FCCA’s decision includes business secrets of the parties involved. The decision can only be published once all confidential information has been removed, which will take approximately two weeks.

Further information: Research Officer Pontus Ranta, tel. +358 29 505 3747