Regional State Administrative Agencies to place driving schools’ service price lists under special scrutiny this spring

This year, the supervision campaign on price displaying practices conducted by the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority and Regional State Administrative Agencies will focus on the service price lists of driving schools. The nationwide supervision campaign will take place in spring 2017.

The price of the service is one of the most essential pieces of information affecting consumers’ purchase decisions and financial security. Enrolling in a driving school is a major financial investment for consumers.

Several Regional State Administrative Agencies have reported deficiencies in driving schools’ price lists, which are incomplete and show the price of the same service in very dissimilar ways. Some driving schools have failed to include in the total price various service components, or emphasised the price of only one stage even though consumers are required to complete multiple stages to obtain a driving licence. This makes price comparison difficult.

Pursuant to the Price Indication Decree, the service provider must display price lists visibly in business premises and on websites where business is conducted. The price list must be easy for the consumer to see and, if possible, visible from outside the business premises. The service price list must indicate all the services provided by the trader to consumers. Price lists allow consumers to compare the prices of different companies. Provisions regarding the displaying of price lists also apply to driving school services.

The results of the supervision campaign will be announced in summer 2017.