Remember your rights when flights, trains and bus services are cancelled

The demonstration on Friday 18 September will have a major impact on public transport in Finland. Your rights as a consumer are largely the same as in the event of delays or cancellations for any other reason. Follow the announcements of various transport service providers on most recent developments and on any reimbursement or compensation practices.


If your flight is cancelled, you can choose a refund of the ticket price, a re-routing of your flight, or travel at a later time:

  • Flight re-routing means the airline has an obligation to offer you an alternative flight to your destination under comparable conditions 1) as soon as possible, in which case you are entitled to care while you wait for the alternative flight, or 2) at a later or more convenient time (e.g. in a week’s time), subject to seat availability.
  • Reimbursement of the ticket price within seven days. An airline is required to reimburse the ticket price, if you decide not to travel. If the flight no longer serves the purpose of your original travel plan, you can decide not to travel during a stopover and claim full refund of the ticket price. You are also entitled to a free return flight to the original point of departure indicated on your ticket. If you choose not to travel, you give up your right to care.

When a flight is delayed, passengers are entitled to care. If the delay is longer than five hours and the travel no longer serves the purpose of your original travel plan, you must be given the opportunity to choose ticket price refund. When delays and cancellations are caused by situations such as a demonstration, passengers are not entitled to claim standard compensation.

Follow the announcements of your own airline and make sure the travel agency and the airline have your contact information. Information on Finnair flights is available here.

With package tours, the travel agencies/travel organiser should contact customers whose flights may be affected by the demonstration.


The demonstration will stop VR’s train services, both local and long-distance, on Friday 18 September. Follow VR’s announcements.

If a long-distance serviceis cancelled due to the demonstration, you can claim for a refund or arrange to use the ticket at another time.   Season ticket holders can claim for a refund for Friday 18 September.

Long-distance bus services and local transport

If your bus service is cancelled, ask for a refund of prepaid tickets, or ask to travel at a later time.

The demonstration will stop most of HSL local bus services, and all tram and metro services on Friday. HSL local transport will return to normal schedules on Saturday morning. HSL will pay compensation for one day on season tickets valid on 18 September. Follow HSL’s announcements.

In other cities affected by the demonstration, holders of season tickets are entitled to a similar one-day compensation.