Filing a complaint about the costs of consumer credit

If you think that the interest or other costs the lender charges you for are unfair, ask the lender to provide information on the reasons for the costs. You do not need to pay unjustified loan costs.

The website has taken into account the legislation that comes into effect on October 1, 2023.

You do not need to pay unjustified costs

You do not have to pay unjustified loan costs. Not paying unjustified costs will not give you a bad credit history, even if the company attempting to charge you or a debt collection agency threatens you with a payment default entry.

Unfair credit costs can be adjusted

Unfair credit costs can be adjusted, no matter when the credit contract was concluded. You can demand a reduction of costs based on both unfair costs and unclear contract terms. The demand should first be made to the lender.

File a complaint about unjustified costs

Follow these steps if you think the costs charged for your credit are unjustified:

  • You can leave the unjustified part of credit costs unpaid until it has been established that they are appropriate.

  • dispute your obligation to pay unjustified credit costs and recovery costs. When you dispute your obligation to pay and give proper reasons for this, the company may not continue to recover the disputed part of the costs until the matter has been examined.

  • request a review of the credit entry you think is incorrect.

    The Consumer Advisory Services can offer personal advice and instructions.

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