New-build housing

Buying a home

If you purchase an apartment, you usually become a partner in the housing association.

Defects in a new-build dwelling

The first-year inspection of a new dwelling surveys the condition of the building and dwellings and possible defects.

Delay in the completion of a new dwelling

The completion of new dwellings may be delayed by no more than 30 days from the estimated date.

Housing company loans for new housing

The loan of the housing company makes the sale price of a new apartment appear lower and the shareholder's personal mortgage lower.

Housing on leased land with a purchase option

As a shareholder in a limited liability housing company, you can either pay the housing company a property lease fee or purchase your share of the leased land.

Collateral for new-build housing

Founding shareholders of new housing projects must provide collateral for the construction phase and thereafter.

Insolvency guarantee

The insolvency guarantee protects the housing company and its shareholders.