Delay in the completion of a new dwelling

The completion of new dwellings may be delayed by no more than 30 days from the estimated date. If the completion is delayed more, the buyer may be entitled to compensation. The buyer may also refuse paying the next installment until the apartment is handed over.

A new dwelling’s deed of sale usually specifies the time when the apartment is handed over to the buyer. If the date is not specified, the handover should take place within a reasonable time after the sale. Details such as the time typically required for the completion of a similar dwelling and other factors are taken into account, when determining a reasonable time frame.

The completion date can also be specified in the purchase contract as an estimate. In that case it should state that the handover must take place no later than 30 days after the estimated date.

If the completion of the dwelling is delayed or the seller fails to hand over the dwelling and the documents of ownership, the buyer has the right to withhold the next instalment of the purchase price. The buyer is also entitled to compensation for damage caused by the delay. The purchase can also be cancelled completely due to a significant delay.