Online stores

There are exceptions to normal trading in e-commerce. Familiarize yourself with the special features of e-commerce.

Information to be provided to the consumer and its presentation in online stores

A company’s obligation to provide information must be considered when implementing an online store.

Price and additional charges in online stores

In online stores, it is of particular importance to display the price of the purchase and to state clearly that the item constitutes a paid purchase and not, fo

Examining or trying out goods purchased online

The way you handle an item after receiving it will determine whether or not you are entitled to have the full payment refunded in the event of cancellation.

Right of withdrawal in e-commerce

Most products purchased online have a 14-day right of withdrawal during which you can cancel your purchase for no special reason.

Extension of the withdrawal period

The majority of online purchases are subject to a 14-day right to cancel the purchase.

Refund of payment when you withdraw from an online purchase

The seller shall return any payments received from you without delay and no later than 14 days after the seller receives your notice of withdraw.