Data management and in-house services

Personnel Administration and Development

  • Senior Planning Officer, Personnel Development Jaana Aho
    029 505 3333
  • Personnel Administration Specialist Marika Kangas
    029 505 3126
  • Secretary Tanja Mononen
    029 505 3821
  • Secretary Minna Lehtonen
    029 505 3168 (on a leave of absence until 31 May 2018)

Financial Administration

📱 Call charges

Calls (including waiting time) to telephone numbers beginning 0295 at the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority are charged at the local network rate (lnr) if they are made from landlines, and at the mobile network rate (mnr) if made from mobile telephones.

The rate depends on the caller’s agreement with the telephone operator. In addition to a time-based charge, the operator may charge a starting fee per phone call. Calls to these numbers are not included in most free call packages.