Consumer Advisory Services

The Consumer Advisory Services provide information and guidance related to consumer law questions and disputes.

Consumer Advisory Services 

Follow these steps to get your question dealt with by the Consumer Advisory Services without unnecessary delays.

  • Concise info packages on consumer legislation

    Facts and advice

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  • Your first step should always be contacting the company that sold you the goods or services.

    File a complaint with the company as soon as possible after you discover the defect or other problem and try to negotiate on suitable compensation.

    It is a good idea to file your complaint in writing. It can be used as proof of your claims if there is a dispute.

    Filing a complaint


  • If your complaint to the company does not lead to the result you hoped for, contact the Consumer Advisory Services.  They will provide you with free expert guidance and help with mediation in a dispute.

    Consumer advice gives guidance in Finnish and Swedish. Therefore persons wishing to consult an advisor in some other language must get an interpreter at their own expense. Read more about the duties of consumer advice.

    If your problem is already being handled by the Consumer Advisory Services and you have received the direct contact details of an expert, contact the person handling the case directly.

  • The Consumer Advisory Services do not handle

    • disputes related to deals between private individuals
    • cases where a household as an employer hires someone in an employment relationship, for example takes on a handyman in an employment relationship to renovate a building
    • disputes between businesses. The consumer protection authorities do not resolve disputes between companies. In such cases, contact your industry association for more information.
    • disputes between a housing company and a resident
    • trade in securities and shares
    • matters related to state and municipal services
    • cases where the vendor is a private individual and the buyer is a company.

Tele­phone ser­vices 

Please make sure you have the relevant documents at hand when calling the Consumer Advisory Services. Calls are answered in the order in which they were made.


Consumer Advice Telephone Service

Telephone service is open Monday–Wednesday 9 am – noon, Thursday noon – 3 pm normally.

Note! Closed on 20th June

09 5110 1200 (only in Finnish)

Call charges

All calls (including queuing) to telephone numbers starting with 09 are charged at domestic rates. The charge is determined on the basis of the caller’s subscription contract. The calls are usually included in call packages.

Us­ing the on­line form 

Advisor will respond by telephone within a week. You will most likely receive a reply by a phone call.

  • The call will come from a number with the initial digits 029, or it may come up as a call from an “unknown number”.
  • If you do not receive response from the Consumer Advisory Services and our message does not appear in the inbox, your e-mail program may have moved it to the spam folder or some other folder. Please check those places before contacting us again.

Consumer advice online contact form

Note! Special schedules at the Consumer Advisory Services. The online contact form will be closed for the weekend during the summer on Fridays at 3 pm and reopens on Monday at 9 pm. (Normally 24 h)

Advisor will respond by telephone within a week. You will most likely receive a reply by a phone call.