Competition Division

The competition division consists of following departments:

The competition division also has specialist groups consisting of personnel from Enforcement 1 and 2 departments. These groups are specialised in cartels, economic analysis, and juridical analysis.

  • Director of Competition Division Timo Mattila
    029 505 3332

Enforcement 1

The department is responsible for competition enforcement in the following markets:


Enforcement 2


Members of the cartels group are:

Economic analysis

Members of the economic analysis group are:

Juridical analysis

Members of the juridical analysis group are:

Advocacy Unit

The task of the department is to promote competition by offering expert services (statements, motions etc.) to decision-makers and other interest groups of the office. The activities focus on conflict situations between economic competition and regulation and the securing of equal competitive conditions for public and private business.



Competition Neutrality

Supervision of procurement

International Competition Affairs

The department coordinates the FCCA’s EU and other international cooperation and represents the FCCA in several international expert working groups.


📱 Call charges

Calls (including waiting time) to telephone numbers beginning 0295 at the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority are charged at the local network rate (lnr) if they are made from landlines, and at the mobile network rate (mnr) if made from mobile telephones.

The rate depends on the caller’s agreement with the telephone operator. In addition to a time-based charge, the operator may charge a starting fee per phone call. Calls to these numbers are not included in most free call packages.