Tip of the week: Changes in the terrestrial television network this week – channels must be searched again


The broadcast frequencies of the terrestrial television network will change, and pay-TV channels start using a new technology on 17 May.

Running a channel search

The broadcast frequencies of terrestrial television channels will change on 17 May. This means that consumers must run a new channel search to see them all.

Most TV sets can search the channels automatically, but some require the user to run a search. Certain older sets may also require the factory settings to be restored before running the channel search.

For instructions on how to run the channel search, go to www.digita.fi/kanavahaku (in Finnish) or consult the TV’s user manual. The technical experts of Digita’s consumer service Digita Info (in Finnish)also assist with questions relating to terrestrial TV reception.

The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority assists consumers over the phone with channel searches on 17–19 May 2017 between 2 pm and 7 pm on +358 295 390 280.

Pay-TV channels will start using DVB-T2 technology

Pay-TV channels in the terrestrial network will start using DVB-T2 technology as the broadcast frequencies are changed in 17 May 2017, after which a TV set or digital set-top box equipped with a T2 tuner will be required in order to watch channels broadcast with T2 technology.

Pay-TV channel subscribers using a terrestrial network can check whether DVB-T2 broadcasts are visible on their TV set.

  1. If the TV set or digital set-top box has a TV card, select channel 99. If you do not have a TV card, select channel 100.

  2. If you cannot see a picture, run a new channel search as instructed by the user manual and try again.

  3. If you can see a picture, everything is ok. If, however, you cannot see a picture even now, you have to start thinking of the best way to update your equipment.

Those who watch pay-TV in the terrestrial network are advised to follow the announcements made by their pay-TV operator regarding the changes.

Bigger changes coming in 2020

By 31 March 2020, the television antenna network will migrate fully to DVB-T2 technology to enable high-definition, or HD broadcasting. Consumers using the antenna network will need a television or set-top box equipped with a DVB-T2 tuner to be able to watch TV programming after the upgrade.

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