Tip of the week: Consumers have the right to customer service after a transaction via a base-rate telephone number


Customer service must be offered through a telephone number subject to basic rates for matters related to prior purchases, sales and contracts, such as: delays or faults in goods or services, contract cancellations or terminations, queries concerning unclear matters on invoices.

The basic rates allowed in customer relationship management are:

  • Numbers that are completely free of charge.
  • Corporate numbers whose prices do not exceed the basic rate set by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority, namely EUR 0.084/minute. 
  • Corporate numbers whose prices are indicated with the acronym pvm/mpm (local network rate or mobile charge), when the price of the call is determined by the caller's telephone subscription.
  • Mobile phone or land line numbers whose prices are the regular call tariffs dependent on the consumer’s telephone connection and operator.


Consumers can demand that a company retrospectively reimburse telephone costs that exceed the approved basic rate, if the company uses a telephone number more expensive than the basic rate for matters related to concluded sales or contracts.

The basic rate requirement for customer services does not apply to contracts related to financial services or instruments, such as credit agreements and insurance policies.

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Customer services subject to charge


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