Tip of the week: Pay for flights by credit card wherever possible


The choice of payment method can also affect your rights as an airline passenger.

  • When you purchase your flight ticket using a credit card, you can claim back the cost from the credit card company in the event of non-receipt of service, for example, due to bankruptcy of the airline.
    If you have paid for a flight using your card's debit function, you can claim reimbursement in problem situations not only from the vendor but from the card company if this is stipulated in the card's terms and conditions or the company otherwise undertakes to reimburse the cost.
  • If you pay for a flight, for example, through your online bank account, the bank is liable only for transferring the payment from the buyer's account to the vendor's account.

If you have purchased a flight from an airline that has gone bankrupt, follow its press releases, for example, on the airline's website.

If you have any questions about the rights of air passengers, you can read about them on our website. Assistance for consumers is provided by consumer advisors at the Local Register Offices and the European Consumer Centre.

In the case of a domestic or a non-EU airline, you can contact Customer Advisory Services.
In the case of an airline based in another EU country or in Norway or Iceland you can contact the European Consumer Centre in Finland.

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