Tip of the week: Plan your holiday budget well in advance


Summer is the time when you want to relax and enjoy yourself, so it may be a good idea to plan your summer finances well in advance.

Living beyond your means and getting into debt after the holidays can be prevented by making a holiday budget.

Travel, accommodation, admission tickets, meals etc. result in extra costs that exceed the regular monthly household expenses.

  • Calculate well in advance how much money you have for your holiday period (money left after necessary expenses, any money saved for the holiday, credit card etc.).

  • Based on how much money have available, plan how much you can spend on various things.

  • The less money you have available, the earlier you should start planning.

There are some good tools for making a holiday budget:
Holiday budget, Martha Organization

There are also tools for financial planning and saving:
Penno application, Guarantee Foundation
Penno workbook, Guarantee Foundation

If you have trouble paying your bills by the due date, contact the creditor and negotiate a new payment date. Contact your municipality’s financial and debt counselling if you need help managing your finances and cannot pay your bills by the due date. You can also discuss financial matters in the Guarantee Foundations Kysy rahasta (“Ask about money”) chat.

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