Asphalt cartel trial concluded at Helsinki District Court

On the proposal of the Finnish Competition Authority, the Supreme Administrative Court ordered on 29 September 2009 Lemminkäinen Oyj, VLT-Trading Oy, Skanska Asfaltti Oy, NCC Roads Oy, SA-Capital Oy, Rudus Asfaltti Oy and Super Asfaltti Oy to pay a total of EUR 82.55 million of what are called infringement fines for their participation in a cartel that operated on the Finnish asphalt market in 1994–2002.

In 41 claims for damages brought at the Helsinki District Court, the State of Finland and 40 local authorities have claimed compensation from above mentioned companies and one other company for the overcharges they have paid for paving work. The companies have contested the claims. Judgments in the matter were announced 28.11.2013.

Further information:
Head of Department (Cartel Unit), Assistant Director Mika Hermas, tel. +358 29 505 3344