Check the price of the car price evaluation service before ordering

Consumer authorities have received many complaints about the car price evaluation service. Consumers have been surprised by the service being subject to a charge and that the service cannot be cancelled in the way of online shop purchases.

The service advertises that it can estimate a car’s value based on e.g. its model, mileage and collected registry information. The website mentions in small text that the service costs 69 euros.

However, all consumers who have ordered the service have not noticed this information and have thought that the service is free of charge. They have been surprised by receiving an invoice as well as by learning that the service cannot be cancelled.

The Consumer Ombudsman encourages consumers to use discretion in the online environment before giving their contact information or making orders.

– It cannot always be assumed that services offered online are free of charge. Before confirming an order or beginning a service, you should always read the terms of agreement carefully and check whether the service costs something, says Consumer Ombudsman Päivi Hentunen.

According to the Consumer Protection Act, most products sold in online shops have a 14 days right to cancel. However, this right does not apply to services like, where the implementation of the s ervice or its electronic delivery has, with the consumer’s consent, been started before the end of the cancellation period, and the consumer has been informed of the lack of right to cancel in the order confirmation.

Additionally, you should always check whether the company has contact information for customer service and a geographical address. Based on the website, the company behind appears to be located in the United States.

If necessary, consumers can send complaints of missing information directly to the company. They can also, should they wish to do so, submit the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board. Further information on the Consumer Disputes Board can be found at

As the authority supervising marketing, the Consumer Ombudsman will look into the matter and carry out any necessary procedures, if significant problems are found in the company’s marketing and order process.