Consumer Ombudsman will provide court assistance to consumers sued by PIPA Business Oy

PIPA Business Oy has taken several consumers to court after they have failed to make payments demanded by the company. The Consumer Ombudsman has found a lack of clarity regarding PIPA’s receivables under debt collection procedures. For this reason, he will assist consumers in this case in the District Courts of Vantaa and Länsi-Uusimaa.

Registered in the Seychelles, PIPA Business has handled service invoicing on behalf of Servipro Oy and TeleOne Oy. This is in turn related to the payday loans granted by Suomen Rahoitusyhtiö Oy. Such payday loans include, for example, Glee-luotto, Siljalaina and Finnlaina.

TeleOne has offered the debtors a service enabling them to postpone the due date by text message (SMS). Servipro, for its part, has offered a collateral into which the consumer has been obliged to enter unless he or she has been able to arrange a personal guarantor for the debt.

Where the consumers have failed to pay the bills of Servipro or TeleOne, PIPA Business has taken them to court. Several such court cases are presently under way throughout Finland. However, according to the Consumer Ombudsman, in most of the cases PIPA’s claims have been contrary to law.

Have you been summoned to a district court?

If you have been summoned to a district court in a case concerning the services of Servipro and/or TeleOne, with PIPA Business Oy as the adversary, please contact Legal Counsel Jari Suurla (