FCCA approves acquisition of Norra by Finnair

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (FCCA) approved on 8 November 2017 a corporate transaction whereby Finnair Plc will acquire Nordic Regional Airlines AB (Norra). The FCCA has concluded that the acquisition will not impede, as referred to in the Competition Act, effective competition in the Finnish market. The FCCA’s investigation did not consider that the acquisition would have negative effects on the air transport market.

Finnair and Norra are airlines. Finnair has scheduled and seasonal flights within Europe and to North America and Asia, and offers air freight services in Finland and the Baltic countries. Norra operates in the Nordic countries, Baltic countries and Europe, and in the 2016 business year flew mainly services purchased from Finnair.

Before this acquisition, Finnair owned 40 per cent of Norra shares. As a result of the acquisition, Finnair will gain sole control of Norra.