FCCA approves the acquisition of MediVida by Esperi Care

On 20 January 2017, the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (FCCA) approved a business transaction whereby Esperi Care Oy will acquire MediVida Oy’s companies offering health care and social welfare services.

Esperi Care and the MediVida companies operate in the Finnish social welfare and health care service market. Esperi Care provides housing services and housing support services for the elderly, people with disabilities and persons in mental health rehabilitation. The MediVida companies also offer housing services for the same customer groups and for substance abusers and customers of child welfare services. In addition to social services, the companies’ operations overlap slightly in terms of doctor staffing and on-duty doctor services offered in connection with social welfare services.

The FCCA has concluded that the acquisition will not impede competition, as several public, private and third-sector actors operate in the field, creating competitive pressure.

The FCCA’s decision includes business secrets of the parties involved. The decision cannot be published until the business secrets have been removed, i.e. in around two weeks’ time.

Further information: Hanna Kaiponen, Senior Research Officer, tel. +358 29 505 3620, email: firstname.lastname@kkv.fi.