FCCA closes investigation of Digita’s pricing of television and radio broadcasting services

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority’s (FCCA) investigations provided no basis for continuing the investigation.

Based on its investigations of the matter, the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority has come to the conclusion that its review of Digita’s overall profitability did not provide grounds for engaging in a product-specific investigation of Digita’s television broadcasting services. The FCCA conducted a more detailed analysis of Digita’s radio broadcasting services, but this provided no indication of pricing policies that might have been considered unfair in the manner referred to in the Competition Act, particularly considering the high threshold, under legal praxis, for interfering with the price levels set by companies. In light of this, the FCCA terminated its investigation of the matter.

The FCCA, formerly the Finnish Competition Authority, initiated its investigation of the matter in spring 2012, as the Supreme Administrative Court issued the final decision on the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority’s verdict on the same matter. Originally, the case became pending at the Finnish Competition Authority when, upon investigating the matter, the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority partially transferred it for handling by the Competition Authority.

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