FCCA concludes investigation of VR Group

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (FCCA) examined the conduct of VR Group in freight transport between Finland and Russia. FCCA‘s examination did not reveal sufficient evidence that VR’s action would lead to a restriction of competition.

Nurminen Logistics made a request for action, asking the FCCA to investigate whether VR Group has abused its dominant position in rail transport of cargo between Finland and Russia. Claims in the request for action included that VR Group had imposed significantly higher prices on Nurminen and other companies offering logistics services for traction than it has on end clients buying logistics services, such as forest industry companies. According to the request for action, the procedure has led to a situation in which Nurminen and other companies offering logistics services have not been able to compete with VR.

According to the FCCA’s investigation, VR has, in certain individual cases, favoured end customers in its pricing. However, the investigation did not reveal enough evidence that the action taken by VR would lead to a restriction of competition. In its decision the FCCA also took into consideration that VR changed its pricing during the investigation by the Authority. The FCCA felt that there is no reason to continue investigating the matter and removed the matter from consideration. The FCCA can nevertheless take up the matter again if it gets new information giving reason to suspect that VR’s procedure would be in violation of the Competition Act.

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