FCCA is proposed to be granted new tasks related to the EU Digital Markets Act

The Government proposes the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (FCCA) as a centralised national contact point in matters related to the Digital Markets Act (DMA). In addition, FCCA is proposed to assist in the implementation of the regulation.

In the future, the FCCA could receive information from third parties on the behaviour of large digital gatekeeper companies and, if necessary, submit this information to the Commission. In addition, the FCCA would assist the European Commission in conducting inspections and market surveys based on the regulation.

The amendments complement the provisions of the EU Digital Markets Act, which are applicable in the Member States as such. Finnish legislation is updated by amending the Act on the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority. The amendments ensure that the FCCA’s competences are clear and sufficient.

The EU Digital Markets Act safeguards fair competitiveness in the digital market by imposing specific obligations and prohibitions on large gatekeeper companies. The Commission may conduct inspections of gatekeeper companies to ensure that they comply with their obligations. Failure to comply with the rules may result in a fine worth 10 % of the company’s global turnover or 20 % of the company’s turnover if the rules are repeatedly violated.