FCCA to investigate the market impact of deal between DNA and PlusTV

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (FCCA) decided today to initiate further proceedings concerning an acquisition that will give DNA Oy a controlling interest in Digi TV Plus Oy.

Both parties of the deal are strong actors in the pay-TV market. DNA is also a significant player in the mobile communication device and broadband markets.

Further proceedings will establish if this acquisition will essentially hinder effective competition in Finland. As a result, FCCA may approve the acquisition as such, approve it conditionally or propose that the Market Court prohibit the deal. Under the Competition Act, such further proceedings may last no more than three months.

The FCCA decision issued today contains several business secrets concerning the parties, and it can only be published after the secrets have been removed. The public version of the decision will be published on the FCCA website as soon as it has been completed.

Further information:
Head of Research Maarit Taurula, tel. 029 505 3381