FCCA to look into the market impact of the merger of Elixia and SATS

On 25 November 2013, the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority made a decision to initiate further proceedings in the matter of the merger of fitness centres Elixia and SATS. Elixia is owned by Swedish venture capitalist Altor Fund III and SATS by Danish TryghedsGruppen. Both parties in the merger are strong players in the fitness centre market.

The further proceedings will look into whether the merger in question will significantly impede competition in Finland. After the further proceedings, the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority may approve the merger such as it is, set certain terms and conditions for approval of the merger or propose that the Market Court prohibit the merger. In accordance with Finland’s Competition Act, these further proceedings can last no longer than three months.

The decision made by the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority contains numerous business secrets, and the decision can only be published after these secrets have been removed. When it is ready, the public version of the decision will be published on the authority’s website.

Further information:
Research Officer Kaisa Kokko, tel. +358 29 505 3384