FCCA to study the recognition of consumer protection among consumers and businesses

The goal of the survey is to find out how well consumers and businesses know details involving consumer protection and the rights of the consumer and what areas of their knowledge have the most need for development.

The 2017 Consumer Conditions Scoreboard compiled by the European Commission indicates that awareness of consumer protection among Finnish businesses and consumers has deteriorated. The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (FCCA) will study in its survey, due to launch in May, what areas are the particular blind spots of the businesses’ and consumers’ knowledge.

The results of the survey will be utilised in the advisory services for businesses and industry organisations, in the preparation of the Consumer Ombudsman’s guidelines and in communication targeting consumers and businesses.

The study will be carried out as a telephone survey. The material will be collected by Suomen Onlinetutkimus Oy.

The FCCA will provide more information as soon as the results have been analysed.