FICORA’s report: more than 400,000 households have devices not capable of receiving television broadcasting via the terrestrial network in 2020

After 31 March 2020, households will no longer be able watch terrestrial TV channels unless they have a TV or digital set-top-box with a DVB-T2 tuner. Check that your current TV works at

Free-to-air-channels in Finnish terrestrial television networks will have fully migrated to the DVB-T2 technology by 31 March 2020. The new DVB-T2 broadcasting technology enables high-definition (HD) broadcasts and a wider range of channels.

According to FICORA’s recent report*, only 53 per cent of households receiving only terrestrial television have a television set or set-top-box equipped with a DVB-T2 tuner. More than 400,000 terrestrial households are thus not capable of adopting the new broadcast technology.

Check the DVB-T2 compatibility of your television at

To continue watching television over the terrestrial network after the switch, you need a TV or digital set-top box with a DVB-T2 tuner. You may not need to buy a new TV set, a digital set-top box with a DVB-T2 tuner will also do the job.

“The safest choice is an Antenna Ready HD television or digital set-top box tested in Finland. Testing ensures that the device will function normally in all Finnish terrestrial networks and that there are no problems with subtitles”, says Tiina Aaltonen, Project Manager at FICORA.

If you can’t find a label in connection with the devices sold in the stores, consult the seller.

According to FICORA’s mystery shopping research** from spring 2018, the Antenna Ready HD label was not shown at all in connection with the TV sets in nearly two thirds of the surveyed stores. The label was much more common in connection with the digital set-top-boxes and especially on the packaging.

“The salespersons must on their own initiative tell customers about the main features of the devices. They must also explain the various technical properties and difficult terms clearly and understandably to customers, who are buying a device”, says Legal Adviser Miina Ojajärvi from the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority.

Pay-TV-channels in terrestrial television networks have already migrated to the new standard in May last year. Households watching pay-TV-channels are already using the new technology, and no further actions are required.

Further information:

  • Tiina Aaltonen, Project Manager, FICORA, tel. +358 (0) 295 390 526
  • Miina Ojajärvi, Legal Adviser, FCCA, tel. +358 (0) 29 505 3155

* Finnpanel: Tv audience measurement panel 5/2018
** More about the mystery shopping research [pdf, 2 MB] (in Finnish).

Checklist for TV shopping:

1. Contact your property manager and check if your apartment is in the terrestrial network.

2. Ask the salesperson for advice! Sellers are legally obliged to tell their customers about the characteristics of the device.

3. Choose a television or a digital set-top box with a DVB-T2 tuner. A safe choice is an Antenna Ready HD device as it has been tested in Finland.

Check that your current TV works at:

Fact box

  • About 1.2 million households receive television broadcasting via the terrestrial network and 1.3 million via the cable network. About 900,000 households cannot receive television broadcasting by any other means (e.g. IPTV) than via the terrestrial network.
  • DVB-T2 = Television broadcasting technology used in the terrestrial network. Also used for carrying HDTV signals. Gradually replacing the DVB-T standard. Television sets and set-top boxes must be equipped with a DVB-T2 tuner to transmit DVB-T2 signals.
  • HD = High-definition. Provides an image resolution which is substantially higher than standard-definition television.
  • SD = Standard-definition. Standard-quality television image resolution.