New information on the Air Finland compensation payment schedule

The security provider will begin compensating consumers this week. All compensation has been scheduled for payment by the end of March. The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (FCCA) will submit information to the security provider on the payees entitled to compensation due to the liquidation of Air Finland.  

The Air Finland airline went bankrupt in the autumn of 2012. The FCCA handled some 3,000 claims related to the bankruptcy and issued decisions on them in late 2012.  Some Air Finland customers were dissatisfied with the decisions and filed appeals with the administrative courts. Appeals against some of the rulings given by the administrative courts in the summer of 2014 were placed before the Supreme Administrative Court.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Administrative Court rejected the appeals concerning compensation claims. Compensation payments can therefore now begin. The percentage of compensation to be awarded is the same as in the original decision, i.e. approximately 69.5%.

See the FCCA’s press release of 06 February 2015: Compensation payments relating to the liquidation of Air Finland due to begin